6th grade orientation day – “We ‘mustache’ ask you a question”

August 16, 2019 all-day America/Denver Timezone

Sixth Grade Orientation Day—Friday, August 16, 2019

– All students should have their schedules and lunch numbers handy. Bells will ring on the adjusted schedule listed below. Please do not dismiss your classes until you hear the bell. Share lots of smiles! Please wear your mustache hat and your mustache. Please decorate the outside of your door with the mustache garland.

7:10- 7:30 – Elective Teachers, DLI, SPED, Randall, Kristanna, Counselors, MaryLane, Cindy, Andrea, Detective Green – Be in the main hallways. Greet the students. Direct them to the auditorium.

7:10 – 7:30 – CORE Teachers, Mary, Jodi, Megan– Be in the auditorium. Help the students know where to sit by team. If parents choose to stay they need to sit in the back, middle section.

7:30 – 7:55 Presentation by Mary, Jodi and Megan will begin.

How to read your schedule.
Teams – What are the names of the teams? Which team are you on? What does it mean to be on a team at Draper Park? Did you notice how large the school is? Being on a team makes a large school smaller.
How to check into school: If a student arrives within the first 20 minutes of school they should go directly to class and will be counted as tardy. If a student arrives after the first 20 minutes of school, they should first report to the Attendance Office with a note from their parent explaining why they are late. Students will receive a stamped note from the Attendance Office and then report to class. Three unexcused tardies equals an absence.
How to check out of school: Your parent, guardian, or someone authorized to act in their behalf must give permission to check you out of school. That person must come into the attendance office and talk to the attendance secretary.
What to do if you are sick: First, talk to the teacher whose class you are in at the time, or if during passing time – the class you have next, and get a note from your teacher then come down to the attendance office. Attendance secretary will have you call a parent/guardian etc. to come and check you out of school. If you are unable to make contact with a parent/guardian, you will check in your cell phone, and lay down in the sick room for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes you must return to class unless someone is on their way to check you out of school.
When to use your cell phone: You may not use your cell phone during class unless your teacher directs you to use it. You may use it during lunch. You should not use your cell phone during passing periods because you have limited time to go to your locker, use restroom, and get a drink if necessary before going to class.
How to see your counselor: Visit the counseling area before or after school, during lunch, or between classes and fill out a request to see a counselor. They will send for you as soon as their schedule allows.
How to see your assistant principal: Go to the attendance office and fill out a request to meet with an assistant principal form. If it is an urgent matter, be sure to indicate “it is urgent” with the attendance secretary. Upon receiving a request, the assistant principal will send for you as soon as their schedule allows, or if it is an urgent matter, one of the available assistant principals will visit with you immediately.
What to do if you lose something: First back track to your classes and see if the teacher has it or if it is still in that classroom. If you cannot find the lost item, visit with Cindy, or go to the main office and ask the secretary to look in the lost and found. You are responsible for all of your personal items; the school is not, so please keep track of your things.
Passing Time – Four minutes is plenty of time to get to class and stop at your locker. You will get better at opening your locker the more you use it. You need to use passing time to use the restroom and get a drink. Don’t panic. It is plenty of time.
Food – Food is not allowed in the hallways, period.
Dress Code –



8:00 – 8:25 1st period
8:29 – 8:54 2nd period
8:58 – 9:23 3rd period
9:27 – 9:52 4th period
9:56 – 10:21 5th period
10:25 – 10:50 6th period
10:50 All students and teachers to the auditorium. Please sit by team.

After your 6th period ends at 10:50, please lead and accompany your class to the auditorium. Sit by team. Please be with the students and supervise throughout the assembly. The students need to be in their assigned section towards the front of the auditorium. Also, at the end of 6th period before leaving for the auditorium, please remind your students that they will return home on the same bus they rode to school on this morning. However, let them know that the buses will not be in the same place that they were in the morning. They need to look carefully at the bus number.

10:54 – 11:30 Performance by “The Staches”


Please immediately lead your classes to the cafeteria. Have your students sit together on the tables closest to the “stage”. Be present and supervising your students. Tess will take care of most of the presentation. You will need to make sure that the students understand that they sit down first and then will be excused a table at a time to get their lunch. This eliminates running to the cafeteria and cutting in line. Plus, they do not know any procedures yet. Students will have the opportunity to go through the line and receive a creamie.

MATH TEACHERS- “Get To Know You” Activity
“Saving Sam” – copies and supplies will be provided for each math teacher.

ELA TEACHERS- Planner Use, Important Websites, and Team Info
Pass out planners to all students.
Have them fill out the cover sheet with name, schedule, etc.
Show sections that are helpful in each of the subject areas.
Spend time filling out a fictional day on the first Monday in the planner.

Please provide direct instruction as to how the lock mechanism works, and answer all questions Please tell them that personal items including backpacks should be stored in their assigned locker and not brought to the cafeteria during lunch. Then hit the hallways. Help students find their lockers and allow them to practice opening their lockers multiple times. As a team of teachers divide yourselves into areas, so you are all available to help. Cindy, our hall monitor, and student council members will be out in the halls assisting with lockers. Encourage them to succeed in opening and using their lockers.

Question and Answer Time – give the students time to get their questions answered in a non-threatening environment. Relieve the stress they may be feeling. -STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS!!!

Administrators, Cindy, Detective Green and Megan Assignments:
Administrators and counselors should be available throughout the day to assist 6th grade students in finding their classrooms, finding and opening lockers, printing schedules, answering questions, addressing concerns, etc. It is also important for all of us to be out in the halls during passing times.

Student Council will be assigned to the dual immersion classrooms and as locker helpers.

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