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Why Student-Led Conferences?

Student-led conferences are designed to facilitate productive conversations between students, their families, and teachers. The goals of this model are to:

  • Allow families a convenient time to meet with their child’s teachers.
  • Help students take ownership of their learning and become an active participant in the conversations surrounding their education.
  • Empower students to discuss the data behind their learning and draw conclusions about their strengths and areas where growth could occur.
  • Facilitate conversations between families and teachers about their child’s academic progress and behavioral performance at school.

Role of Students

Before the Conference:

  • Collect artifacts that demonstrate concept mastery
  • Collect artifacts that demonstrate areas where improvement is needed
  • Based on academic grades, citizenship grades, feedback from assignments, assessment scores, etc. set goals for improvement​

During the Conference:

  • Attend the conference.
  • Explain the process to your guests (parents or guardians).
  • Present your portfolio to your guests.
  • Introduce your guests to your teacher(s).

​After the Conference:

  • Review your goals and consider applying the feedback you received.
  • Ask follow up questions or for help reaching your goals.​

Role of Parents & Guardians

Before the Conference:

  • Help your child understand feedback they are receiving from teachers about their academic performance at school.
  • Ask your child about any Courage Violations they have received.
  • Ask your child to see any assessments or assignments they’ve received back from their teachers.
  • Compile a list of questions or concerns you would like to discuss at the conference with your child and his/her teacher.**

During the Conference:

  • Attend the conference with your child.
  • Ask questions about your child’s work samples.
  • Help your child set goals for improvement.
  • Greet the teacher(s) and briefly discuss any questions or concerns you have.

After the Conference:

  • Help your child learn to have conversations with their teachers.
  • Help your child interpret and apply feedback.

Role of Teachers

Before the Conference:

  • Work with teammates to develop a vision and plan for student-led conferences.
  • Help students prepare for the conferences by collecting artifacts and coaching students through the process.
  • Invite parents/families and communicate expectations and details about the event.

During the Conference:

  • Be present during conferences.
  • Greet students and families as they enter the room.
  • Help students and families if a question comes up.
  • Be available for individual conversations, if necessary.**

After the Conference:

  • Help students work toward their goals.
  • Help students interpret and apply feedback.

** Please note that not all concerns can be addressed in the short amount of time that is allotted during this event. If you would like to have a longer one-on-one conversation with a teacher or administrator, please let them know and we are happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns. Keep in mind that our teachers will have only a few minutes to meet with you during the conference, and we are happy to schedule another meeting at your earliest convenience to finish the conversation. 

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