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Conferences - February 22 & 23

We would like to invite you to participate the upcoming Spring Student-Led Conferences on Monday (2/22; from 3:30pm-7:30pm) and Tuesday (2/23; from 3:30pm-7:00pm) over Zoom at Draper Park Middle School. This event, like so many events this year, will look different and will involve a brief 5-minute video conference with a teacher. The purpose of the conference is to discuss questions and concerns with a specific teacher about their course and your child’s performance.

The conferences will be limited to a 5-minute Zoom call per teacher. Because we know that many parents will want to participate and there are a limited number of time slots available, we are asking that parents check the Skyward grading system first to determine if there is a need to have a conversation with a specific teacher. For the sake of clarifying any issues that may have come up in the course, please have your child participate in the conversation with the teacher.

As always, if you have a question or a concern, you do not have to wait until parent-teacher conferences to discuss it with a teacher. You are always welcome to email the teacher directly and work through any concerns that arise.

To sign up for a Zoom conference with your child’s teacher on February 22nd or 23rd, please log into the Skyward Family Access system starting on Monday, February 8, and follow the attached instructions. You will be able to sign up for appointments until Friday, February 19.

On the day of your conference appointment, please be sure you have Zoom downloaded and ready to operate on your computer. The link for the teacher’s individual waiting room can be found on the Draper Park Middle School website. When the teacher is ready, they will let you into the Zoom meeting so the conference can begin.

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