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The halls at Draper Park Middle School are filled with numerous students with a variety of skills and talents!

The “Vikings with COURAGE” assembly will be held on February 26. Parents are invited to their student’s assembly; Sixth Grade Assembly (2nd period), Seventh Grade Assembly (3rd period) and Eighth Grade Assembly (4th period).

6th Grade Assembly

Stars Spangled Banner – Brylee Forchuck

Piano Solo – Charlie Johansen

Lauren Montague

7th Grade Assembly

Stars Spangled Banner – Mia Baseiso

Guitarist and Singer – Erin Hewitson

Monet Oaks Trio

8th Grade Assembly –

Stars Spangled Banner – Mehlia Camp

Piano Solo – Connor Zaharis

The Dance Company

The Variety Show will be held on May 28.

Our co-hosts will be: Olivia kinikini and isabelle chambers.

 The following acts will be showcased:

  1. “The False Reality”
  2. Kale davis
  3. Clair L and Peyton S.
  4. Abigail Burton
  5. “The Elements”
  6. Gabe Alger
  7. Mia Judd
  8. Kendall Catmull and Anna Hilton
  9. “8th Grade Rocks” Band
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