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Attendance Policy

Regular attendance and participation at school are the keys to success at Draper Park Middle School. The goal of the Draper Park attendance policy is to increase student success by encouraging daily attendance. Attendance at school is directly related to a student’s ability to receive maximum benefit from their educational endeavors. The natural consequence of frequent absences of students from the day-to-day classroom experiences is reduced academic performance.

Utah’s Compulsory Education Law states that all school age children must be in attendance at school unless there is a valid and legitimate excuse (Utah Code 53-A-11-101). When students are absent for legitimate reasons the parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office at 801- 826-6910 prior to 2:30 PM. If you go to the doctor at any time and are absent from school as a result of that illness, please provide a note from the doctor to the attendance office.

Draper Park Middle School uses the same standard for excused absences as defined by the State of Utah:
• Illness verified by a parent phone call and/or doctor’s note provided to the Attendance Office (Parents may excuse up to 10 days of illness per school year; after 10 days, a doctor note may be required.) 
• Medical appointments (Provide a doctor note to Attendance Office.)
• Special family or religious event, such as the wedding of a family member
• Death of a family member or close friend
• Pre-approved Educational Leave for family activity or travel consistent with district/school policy


1. Student Check-in/Tardy Procedures: If your students will be arriving to school for the day between 7:30 AM and 7:50 AM, you no longer need to call ahead or walk your student into the building to check them in. Instead, please just send your students into school and directly to class. Students must take parent notes directly to class with them and give the note(s) to their teacher; doctor/dentist notes should be turned in to the attendance office.

After 7:50 AM, please send your student into the attendance office. Depending on time of arrival, we will provide a tardy slip or admittance slip to your student and direct them to class.

Late arrivals due to legitimate reason such as illness, medical or dental appointments are considered excused. Parents are asked to send a note with their student if the late arrival should be excused. All other late arrivals (i.e. weather, sleeping in, etc.) are considered unexcused. Please note that three unexcused tardies are the equivalent of one unexcused absence.

2. Student Check-out Procedures: To help save you time waiting for students to check out, please call 10-15 minutes ahead and notify the attendance office of your check-out. We will locate your student, then have them ready and in the office as close to the time you plan to arrive at the school as possible. The afternoons in the attendance office are very busy, and we work very hard to provide you the help and assistance you need as quickly and efficiently as we can; however, there are times that you may need to wait while we locate your student.

3. End-of-Day Check-out Procedures: In order for us to serve you better, we would ask that if you need to check out your student after 2:00 PM you give us 20-minutes advance notice so that we can have your student ready for you. Please know that check-outs after 2:00 PM without advance notice may result in you either needing to wait in the office while we locate your student or waiting until after the end-of-day bell rings.

4. Please be advised that students will be checked out only to adults listed on their registration card, and for the student’s safety, that adult must come into the school to pick up and sign for their student.

5. Education/Vacation leave is considered a valid, excused absence. A student may be allowed up to ten (10) days for education/vacation leave in a given school year, if prior arrangements have been made with the school for the student to make up his/her homework. A student should make arrangements with teachers either in person or via email to make up his/her homework

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