Do you want to be a student aide next year?

Qualifications: Aide positions are only open to next year’s 8th graders (current 7th graders). Student aides must display the following qualities: Dedication, integrity, honesty, dependability and a strong work ethic. Students who apply must have good attendance and uphold the COURAGE code.

Students may only have ONE aide position. Grading will be on a pass/fail scale. Students who apply to be an aide are agreeing to be placed in any office or classroom within the school (counseling, attendance, hall monitor, library or in a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade classroom). Placements will be determined based on teacher/staff requests, availability and based on the student’s schedule.

If you are selected as an aide, the student center will drop one of your electives. Student Aide elective is given the priority and any other of your electives may be dropped to accommodate your student aide position. Schedules/placements will not be finalized until August when schedules are released.

Student Aide Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be open from January 22nd – February 22nd.

To apply, click on this link, sign into your CSD google account and fill out the form.

Vikings with Courage Assembly Performers

The halls at Draper Park Middle School are filled with numerous students with a variety of skills and talents!

The “Vikings with COURAGE” assembly will be held on February 26. Parents are invited to their student’s assembly; Sixth Grade Assembly (2nd period), Seventh Grade Assembly (3rd period) and Eighth Grade Assembly (4th period).

6th Grade Assembly

Stars Spangled Banner – Brylee Forchuck

Piano Solo – Charlie Johansen

Lauren Montague

7th Grade Assembly

Stars Spangled Banner – Mia Baseiso

Guitarist and Singer – Erin Hewitson

Monet Oaks Trio

8th Grade Assembly –

Stars Spangled Banner – Mehlia Camp

Piano Solo – Connor Zaharis

The Dance Company

The Variety Show will be held on May 28.

Our co-hosts will be: Olivia kinikini and isabelle chambers.

 The following acts will be showcased:

  1. “The False Reality”
  2. Kale davis
  3. Clair L and Peyton S.
  4. Abigail Burton
  5. “The Elements”
  6. Gabe Alger
  7. Mia Judd
  8. Kendall Catmull and Anna Hilton
  9. “8th Grade Rocks” Band

NJHS Officers

Congratulations NJHS Officers!

Alyssa Meadows
Carson Fowler
Liberty Henstrom
Ryan White
Erin Akins


Thanks to all the members who proposed a service project at our meeting yesterday. The committee was so impressed with your preparedness! Here are the five service projects we will be doing this year. 

Book Drive for Union
SLC Marathon
Felt Blankets & Sock Buddies (at the same activity)
Unsung Heroes Recognitions at DPMS
Hersche’s Smiles hygiene kits

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