Draper Park Middle School is excited to have a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society at our school. This nationally accredited program allows 7th and 8th grade students with a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher to apply for acceptance. Applicants should be willing to display the five pillars of the organization: Scholarship, Citizenship, Leadership, Character, and Service. 

Applications are available now through this Google Form until Wednesday, September 15th.  Applications will not be accepted late for any reason.

Acceptance will be announced on Monday, September 20th. A list will be posted on our NJHS Google Site and on this page.

Meetings and projects are TBD this early in the year.

Thank you!

— Kaylie Sullivan

6th grade ELA

Draper Park Middle School

Congratulations successful applicants!  You have been accepted to NJHS this school year. More information on meetings and dates will be sent in a hard copy letter to your home this week. The committee is excited to see what you can do this year!

Kaylie Sullivan – NJHS Advisor

·         Abigail M Larson ·         Grace Christensen  
·         Ace Edmunds ·         Hailey Pitcher  
·         Addison Paynter ·         Halle Bills  
·         Addyson Bedell ·         Harris Tomaszewski 
·         Alex McFarland ·         Helena Galbreath  
·         Amelia Draper ·         Hunter Hurl  
·         Amelie Sletten ·         Jakob Johnson  
·         Andrew Morrell ·         James Meadows  
·         Andrew Sonnleitner·         Jocelyn Alcocer  
·         Anna Yallech ·         Jordan Randall  
·         Annie Buck ·         Josslyn Montrone  
·         Arianna Larson ·         Kaeden Hoffmann  
·         Ashlyn Cline ·         Kaleb Shaw  
·         Asia Olcott ·         Katelyn Bryner  
·         Audrey Johanson ·         Kelley Dunn  
·         Ava Kristensen ·         Kendall Reuter  
·         Ava Montague ·         Kierra Bitner  
·         Beckham LaTour ·         Kolby Cotterell  
·         Bently Paynter ·         Lily Worthley  
·         Brinlee Baxter ·         Mairead Akins  
·         Cadence Blackburn·         Marian Pugh  
·         Celine Willardson ·         Nathan Horstmann 
·         Charli Short ·         Nolan Reinbold  
·         Cooper Moore ·         Olivia Nordhoff  
·         Elizabeth Bradshaw·         Paige Hillstead  
·         Emily Gou ·         Phinnaeus Johnson 
·         Emma Jackson ·         Rachel Enslow  
·         Eva Pratt ·         Suzanne Reardon  
·         Evelyn Marsh ·         Tanya Patel  
·         Gianna Skirucha ·         William Petersen  
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