SCC Candidates 2019-2020

Robin Perry


I have chaired/served on both the Draper and CCHS School Community Councils and I would love to continue my service on the DPMS SCC next year.  SCC’s play an important role in helping assess school-specific needs and the allocation of the TRUST funds available. 

I take the responsibility seriously and am grateful that we have such an amazing resource to benefit our students. Utah is the only state that allows distribution of Land Trust monies at a local level and I want to make sure it continues in future years by having an organized, educated SCC and school parent population. I also want to make sure there is clear communication between parents and administration on important school/community matters. I look forward to serving!

Allyson Dunbar

My husband and I moved to Draper in 2005. We have two boys, ages 13 and 16. I have a B.S. in Speech Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution. I previously served on the SCC years 2016 through spring 2018, have been very active in the PTSA, volunteered in the classroom and most recently worked as an instructional aide in 7th grade science.

I really enjoyed working with the children and getting to see firsthand how dedicated and committed our DPMS teachers/staff are to our children’s academic and overall well-being. I was beyond impressed. The best part about the job was being able to witness the many small acts of kindness the children displayed towards each other and the friendships they formed. Junior High can be a difficult time for many students and it was great to see the skills and age appropriate techniques the teachers used to engage and guide the children during these crucial formative years. 

Like many parents in Draper, both academics and extracurricular activities are very important to our family and we try to keep a healthy balance. Our family has been involved in supporting/volunteering with the DPMS Mountain Bike Team, CCHS Mountain Bike Team, Corner Canyon Youth Football and several other organizations. We do a lot of homework in the car and on-the-go in order to keep up with school assignments. It has been a privilege to have my children attend this wonderful school and to be a part of the DPMS community.

I would like to continue to be involved in its academic success by serving on the upcoming SCC board and help allocate our land trust funds towards our school’s specific academic needs. I would appreciate your vote and support. Thank you!

Tammy Johnston

My name is a Tammy Johnston. I am a passionate educator myself and have taught for 7 years before becoming a mother of 3. I have taught in several different charter schools here in Utah and was an integral part of their start up and successes. I have always been a student advocate in the role as a teacher, but this upcoming year, while being a stay at home mom, I would love nothing more than this opportunity, in a different way other than teaching, to continue to be a voice for our students.

In addition, I would love to be an part of the School Community Council to help determine Draper Parks greatest academic needs and find ways to address them within the school and community. I am also very passionate about building consistent and effective communication among parents and school staff. I love getting parents actively involved in the school and most importantly their childs education. I feel this was one of my greatest strengths as a teacher myself.

I feel my experience as an public educator, homeschool parent and mother will be a great asset to DPMS SCC. I would love to be a positive passionate voice making great schools like Draper Park even greater.

Thank you for considering me.

Lindsey Moffat

I have had three children already attend DPMS. I have one child entering 6th grade this year and will have another attend in a few years from now. The reason I would like to be a part of the SCC is because I enjoy working with faculty, students and families in their quest for the best education possible. My past experience includes serving two years on the Channing Hall Charter School Board of Trustees. I have also worked as a school nurse for Channing Hall, Canyons and Jordan school districts the past 6 years. I like being involved in my children’s education and will strive to represent the majority of other parents wanting the best education for their children.

Ed Henderson

Dear Fellow Parents! I am excited to use the available facts and data to make decisions in the best interest of our students, faculty, and community. I am a Director of Engineering at a large medical device manufacturer and we have loved living in Draper for the past 11 years. Serving on the Willow Springs Elementary SCC for the past 2 years, I enjoyed participating in the process of improving student academic performance! A successful School Community Council requires great collaboration between the parent representatives and the staff – I enjoy the process of continuous improvement and the open brainstorming which leads us to the best results. Building on previous Council work we will continue to assess and improve the School Improvement Plan – focusing on the school’s academic needs. Solving for these needs will help ensure our children are best prepared for their journey after Draper Park Middle School!

Chad Smith

Hi, I’m Chad Smith. I’ve got two kids, one in her last year at DPMS and one just starting her first. My flexible schedule has let me volunteer a lot at school over the years, including everything from chaperoning field trips to being on the SCC and PTA.

But I don’t just want your vote because I have the time or because I’ve done this before. I hope to earn your vote because I am anxious to represent you on our SCC!

I believe that the best education involves parents, with awareness and transparency between school, community and families. We’re all responsible for the complete education of our children!

Let me hear your ideas, too. Please contact me anytime, so I can best represent you!

Remember to vote for your SCC representatives at Back to School Night, Aug 15.
And please vote for Chad Smith!

Holly Neibaur


(Mother of 7- 3 attended DPMS) 

(SCC – Sunrise Elem. 1 term and DPMS for 2.) 

I have a degree in secondary education and taught English and Drama in middle school. I believe our schools are stronger when parents are involved. I addressed the Utah State Board of Education about changing the curriculum for digital literacy. (2015) We are raising a digital literate generation and the curriculum is outdated (early 2000’s).  They voted to change it. DPMS has done a great job promoting digital citizenship. I would love to see it become a 6th grade class. Our schools can help students safely navigate the internet and social media. We can preserve anti bullying, civility, and healthy attitudes about themselves and others. In our last legislative session I spoke with Canyons Susan Edwards.  Rep. Keven Stratton has added it to the TAC agenda. I will follow this through. Sometimes parents and teachers are fighting the same battles separately. If we come together we can greater benefit the needs of our children.

Please vote for UP TO FIVE individuals you believe would be a positive addition to our council. Voting will take place from August 6th – 15th .  The ballot box to collect the votes will be placed in the main office at Draper Park Middle.  School staff will ensure that each parent only votes once.

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