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COVID-19 Special Factors
For the 2020-2021 school year, schools in Utah will adhere to many special factors designed to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19. These factors include procedures to create more physical distance between students and more frequent sanitation protocols. The governor has also mandated students, staff, and visitors to schools wear face coverings. The Canyons School District COVID-19 Action Plan is linked here:

Draper Park Vikings will have COURAGE.
C – Concept Mastery – Vikings will demonstrate mastery of a concept learned.
O – Outstanding Work Ethic – Vikings will work hard, persevere, and give their best effort to accomplish a task.
U – Understanding and Empathy – Vikings will be attuned to the emotions, perceptions, and difficulties of others.
R – Respect and Responsibility – Vikings will be considerate, trustworthy, dutiful, and dependable with regard to property, self, and others.
A – Accountable for Time and Place – Vikings will be in the assigned place at the assigned time.
G – Give Back – Vikings will be generous with their time and resources and give back to their school and community.
E – Engage – Vikings will be involved in their school and active participants in their learning.

Behavior, which is satisfactory to local, state and federal laws or to generally accepted standards of dress, behavior, decency, honesty, and courtesy, will be encouraged at school. Before disciplinary action is taken, each situation is thoroughly investigated. School rules and procedures will be enforced in a consistent, firm and fair manner according to the Canyons School District and DPMS policies. All Utah State educational codes and laws and Canyons District policies and procedures are followed and all student and parental due process rights are observed.

ATTENDANCE – Regular attendance is crucial to success in school. Utah State law (Public law 53-24-1) requires regular attendance and that every parent or guardian of a minor (ages 6 to 18) shall send their student to school. The responsibility for regular attendance is shared between the student, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators. Parents/guardians of an absent student should call the Attendance Office at 801-826-6910 or email them at If no call or email is received, the Attendance Office may contact parents at home or work to verify the absence. Parents may also access their student’s daily attendance through Skyward on the Canyons District website.

The attendance office at DPMS uses five codes when students are absent from school.
1. (E) means excused and are authorized by state law or district policy. These include: verified illness, medical appointments, bereavement, court appearances, emergencies, pre-approved educational leave, school activities, and special family or religious events.
2. (G) means parent consent denoting that a parent/guardian has given permission for the students to be absent from school for any reason.
3. (A) means parents have not confirmed the absence with the attendance office.
4. (VT) means verified truant, the absence was verified and the parent and school agree the student-missed school without permission.
5. (HH) means students are absent from school because they have been quarantined for COVID-19

***COVID-19 Special Factors for Attendance:
Schools, along with Responsive Services, will monitor attendance and reach out to families to problem solve and provide intervention support when needed. District will be lenient in terms of compulsory education as students and families navigate COVID risk levels.

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