Health & Wellness

The challenges faced by students in middle school are both varied and unique. We hope to help our students navigate some of these challenges by providing resources to help both students and parents as they work through any obstacles that can sometimes hinder academic performance and social and emotional growth while here at Draper Park Middle School. We hope you find these useful. You can contact your counselor through email, phone, or setting up an appointment. Find your counselors information HERE. ​

You Going Forward

College & Career Preparation

The primary role a counselor plays in the life of a 7th grade student is as an advocate.  Primarily, counselors are supporting your pathway to college and career readiness.  Below are a few of the things that we do to help maximize your experience and be an advocate on your behalf.

7th Grade College & Career Readiness Meetings

7th Grade CCR Survey

Counselors teach a variety of lessons to 7th grade students.  Click below to see what’s in store for you this year.
Counselors help in planning and realizing course sequencing that will best prepare you for your future. 
Counselors meet with students for many reasons.  Counselors can help provide support emotionally and academically and connect you to resources

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