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Free School Lunch, Breakfast to Continue through June 30

Summer break is just around the corner, but Canyons District will continue to provide free, nutritious meals to students through its curbside grab-and-go meal service.

Through June 30, 2020, all students 18 years of age and under will be able to pick up a free, nutritious sack lunch, Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 14 convenient locations. Students also will receive a cold breakfast to refrigerate and enjoy the following day.

Please note that due to construction, the curbside meal service at Hillcrest High (350 S 900 East) will conclude on Friday, May 29, but families may choose to visit any of the other nearby locations listed below.

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CSD Sponsors ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’ Support Group

Juggling work demands while helping your child navigate online learning. Searching for happy diversions to fill the hours spent in forced confinement. Seesawing between moments of hope and clarity and fear and frustration.

Parenting in a pandemic has its ups and downs. But, as it’s been said, we’re all in this together — so why not take a little comfort from others who are going through it, too? In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Canyons District is sponsoring a “Parenting in a Pandemic” support group with sessions running every Tuesday afternoon and evening throughout May.

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Dance Company Tryouts

Dance Company Tryouts

Hello, Dance Company tryouts are now here! Please read the class disclosure for more detailed information. Dance Company is only open to incoming 8th graders. Only 7th graders may try out for the next school year.

Here is the following information for tryouts:

1-Dance Company is a year-long class performing at assemblies, 2 concerts and attending 1-2 field trips a year.

2-There are no after school rehearsals. As we get closer to concert and when warranted we will meet during late start (Fridays from 7-9 am) to rehearse dances that need extra time. The majority of rehearsal time will be during Dance Company class time. This past year the class time was 1st period. That could change. But if not, please make sure to only tryout if you are willing to be to class by 7:30 am every day. I really like 1st period for class because it is at the same time as stage crew. They can practice lighting and actually light our concert while we are rehearsing on stage. There is more stage experience this way.

3-Please be prepared to be committed the entire year by attending class, practicing dances and having a good attitude!

Tryout Info and Guidelines:  The Links for the technique combos (2) and dance combo are listed at the bottom of the page. After you learn the routines and video them you can fill out the google form application to answer questions and upload your audition video. You will need to be logged into your @csddocs account to fill out the google form. For the video submission please do the following:

  • Wear all black
  • Pull your hair back from your face
  • State your name at the beginning of the video
  • You can wear any type of dance shoe or dance barefoot. No sneakers are allowed as we are not trying out hip hop.
  • The judges will need at least 5 working days to go through and judge the submissions. Judges are 3 independent judges from Utah. I will announce the new team for the 2020-2021 year by May 15th via Instagram @draperparkdanceco

Your application and video submission are due by Thursday, May 7th at midnight. There will be no submissions accepted after this date and time.

What the judges will be watching for:

  • Performance quality facial expressions
  • Knowledge of the routine and movement
  • Proper technique used to execute the movement
  • Ability to “perform” the routines as though you were dancing in front of an audience
  • You are not required to do an aerial. You can do a different trick if you are not able to do an aerial. An aerial is not required to make the team.
  • You can video the routine anywhere. In your living room, outside, a gym, etc. Just make sure we can hear the music to make sure your timing is accurate.
  • Do not stop the video. Keep it running during your tryout so we can see one continuous video. Don’t cut and piece a perfect routine together. We want everyone to have the same tryout experience of doing the routine in the moment.
  • Breath and have fun! The judges want to see your love of dance as you perform for them.

Click here to view the techniques video
Click here to view the dance combo
Click here to access the application

Music References:

Leap combo: add your own music

Kick Combo: Higher Love by Kygo and Whitney Houston

Turning Combo: Millionaire (feat. Nelly)

Dance Combo: ‘The Way I Do’ by Bishop Briggs

For questions, please contact Candice Wilson

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